“The Only Time You Run Out Of Chances Is When You Stop Taking Them.” – Patti LaBelle

Chance, risk, exposure, vulnerability….They all mean the same thing to me.

Being real with myself.
Not worrying about what others may think of me.
Not waiting for someone else to make the move first.
Not letting my choice be predicated on what someone else is doing or not doing.

Every day, hour, minute or moment gives a new opportunity. Just because I haven’t, doesn’t mean I can’t or won’t.

I believe in myself, my courage and most importantly my choice.

Wishing you all an amazing day!

xxoo, Mira

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“There Is Not Enough Darkness In All The World To Put Out The Light Of Even One Small Candle.” – Robert Alden

I absolutely LOVE this quote by Robert Alden!

Sometimes we find ourselves caught up in the darkness of a situation, what is wrong or what we wish would be different. The more attention we give to the negative aspects of our situation the more we hide the light which reflects the positive. We lose sight that we have the ultimate choice of how we feel. No one has the ability to take that away from us unless we give the choice over to them to make.

I am not implying that we should ignore what is happening, just suggesting that we take a step back and observe the situation from outside of the darkness of the emotions and then we have a better chance at realizing that we have the ability to make a choice that will bring us happiness, closure, forgiveness or understanding instead of hurt, defensiveness or anger.

Where does your candle light burn? Can it be brighter?

Most of the time it just takes a moment to change the direction of your thoughts, make them turn to the positive. Take a deep breath and tell yourself something funny about the situation, let yourself giggle. There is nothing like a little giggle to set those dark clouds free and let the light shine through.

I know the I plan on doing a little giggling today!

xo, Mira

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