Daily Choices…where do I start?


As I am working on my upcoming workshop material I am reminded how everything that we do really boils down to choices whether we recognize that we are making them or are just letting them happen to us.

When I feel stuck most often it is because I am lacking clarity as to what choices I have in the situation. When I’m living outside of myself it is difficult to see where I have a choice. It most often feels like others are making choices that are forcing me into situations, responsibilities or are working against me. I then find myself being defensive, combative or resigned (can you say martyr?) with what is happening. This frame of being is a choice. I have removed myself from being first person where I can take action on my own behalf and have made a choice to let others take responsibility for the situation(s) at hand.

To bring myself back into my body I must first become curious about how I am feeling. Letting myself observe my reactions and feelings without adding judgement of myself or others. This is a lot harder to do than it is in theory. Give it a try. How are you feeling right now? Is there something that you are struggling with? Can you look at the situation as an outsider would just being curious and not judging? Just gathering information to present at a later time to someone else (you)?

When I re-frame the information in a non-judgemental way it gives me the space to truly ask myself what I want. I might actually come to the same choice where before I felt it was something being forced on me. Or I may come to a completely different choice. Either way I have taken the struggle out of the situation by giving myself permission first to acknowledge that I do have a choice and then to take the action of making the choice on my behalf.

When I engage, acknowledge my choice whether big or small it keeps me in my body and allows me to use all of my senses in the present moment. This is a daily practice, a moment to moment practice for me that has brought me to let my inside match my outside. I am in no way perfect in this practice that is why I call it  a practice. I am always learning and growing into my best self if I give myself the opportunity and choice!

Until Next Time!  Hugs, Mira