Tonight’s workshop topic is the 3rd chakra and how it is the translator in our life. It holds our digestive system where our body pulls apart what we have chosen to feed and nourish it with. It also is where we emotionally act on our belief system and how we view ourselves and how we want to be seen in the world.

Do you nourish yourself with food that your body loves or with food your body rebels against?


Do you allow your emotions to sabotage how you feel about yourself or do you embrace your emotions and ask yourself the deeper questions about why you are feeling as you do in the moment?


These are some of the interesting conversations we will be having tonight as we feast on supportive foods for our digestive system like, roasted salmon and asparagus with lemon, olives, nuts, red grapes and iced ginger white tea.

A strong healthy digestive system supports our emotional health and our ability to handle obstacles with more ease and to experience joy more easily. What are you feeding your body and belief system today? I hope it is something that makes your body happy!


Hugs, Mira