About Mira

It’s interesting when asked to define myself what I came up with. I have known since I was young that I could do anything if I just focused and kept moving forward. Looking back I now realize that it wasn’t until my Dad passed that I felt a sense of freedom to start exploring what I truly wanted, uncovering the emotions that had been deeply buried. As I pushed myself to confront my feelings I had no idea that I would discover how strongly I was connected to the Universe, and have been since an early age. Taking a step into my past with a new set of eyes has helped me move from surviving to thriving. The greatest gift I have given myself is the permission of Choice. I have the ability to make a choice in every situation and can change my choice at any time. I work on this freedom every day, some days it comes more easily than others, but I have learned that the beauty is in the process. I feel whole and alive in the moment.

I have raised a family and have six beautiful grandkids that call me Granny. Growing up with my kids has been an honor and through the struggles of marrying into a family, and finding my place in it, has taught me that love comes in all shapes and sizes. Choice is such an essential part of any relationship. Letting go of the perception that I have to be perfect to be valued has dramatically shifted how I interact in all my relationships. It is sometimes uncomfortable, but in the end I remind myself that discomfort goes with change, and soon it will pass.

My quest for a deeper understanding of myself brought me to energy medicine, and I met Marie Manuchehri, RN and Energy Intuitive. It was through the experience of moving energy that I felt driven to explore more of myself more deeply. I became a Reiki Master and graduated from Marie’s two-year Mentoring Program, which forever changed my life. I allowed myself to get vulnerable, fought through hard changes and made some life- long connections with a group of sweet souls that push me to live in vulnerability and follow my passions. I have embraced my inner dialogue and mostly welcome the highly charged conversations that push me into an extraordinary place.

I am honored and humbled to be working with individuals who are engaged in the search for themselves. Their ability to be open to their own vulnerability, and looking inside themselves, is a heartening adventure which I cherish.


My experience with Mira has been life changing! I’ve been in therapy my entire life seeking peace in my body and mind. Up until meeting her, my sessions with therapists and life coaches had been all about my past and what to do about it logically, not physically. Mira focuses on the present and the energy surrounding day-to-day issues which eventually explains a lot of the past! She teaches you about these experiences and what they do to your body and she releases all of that stagnant energy. She has helped re frame the issues I have and taught me what to do with the feelings and emotions those issues cause and how they affect my body. She is so intuitive and she really knows the true root of the problem! I always leave there feeling lighter and at peace in my mind, body and soul! She has given me the tools to maintain that peace on a day-to-day basis! That to me is the most important takeaway!

Cori , Kirkland

Working with Mira is like being enveloped in a big cocoon of love and support… which is important, because the work you do with her reaches into those deep corners you might otherwise avoid. That is where the growth and healing happen! When they say “life is what happens outside of your comfort zone” it couldn’t be more true. With Mira’s intuitive guidance, you can confidently navigate those feelings and emotions and propel yourself in the direction that best serves your spirit on so many levels. Mira is a treasure and I feel very blessed to know her!

Sarah, Mill Creek

Mira’s work is truly fantastic!!! As I look for words, it is hard to describe the amazing grace and style in which she does her energy work. I can say in words she is gracious, lovely, honoring and passionate about working with your energy, body and life… to Seek the best in each of us… so that we can live our lives to the fullest with clarity and changed/cleared energy.
I have referred and will continue to refer my closest friends and family to her, as I truly leave each appointment asking myself “how can people live/function without this?”
Mira is a gift… THANK YOU! for all you do

Laney, Bellevue

Mira’s intuitive healing and shared wisdom have been invaluable for my journey. The healing I receive from her with every session has infinitely altered my life. Her gifts are powerful and accurate with an extraordinary ability to hone in on the most important aspect of what is in need of healing. She creatively offers tools that are easily incorporated in the day-to-day journey which have led to miraculous changes in my existence.

Elizabeth, Bellingham

Recently a friend asked me about Reiki. “Why do you go for Reiki?” she wanted to know. I took a few minutes before I could answer, mainly because how do you describe something so deeply nurturing and loving as Mira’s unique kind of healing. After a pause, I described it like this:
I go to Mira because not only do I feel “healed” but I feel thoroughly cleansed. I feel strong and more able to pursue my hopes and dreams when I have Mira coaching me. I feel as if my soul gets washed from the inside out. Mira, her life coaching, and her Reiki treatments are my lifeline. The blockages removed, the pathways open. And so, every month, I give myself this one gift.
Mira is undoubtedly the very best at what she does. Her calm serenity and gentleness are extraordinary. She listens and cares deeply for her clients, and helps them to find a “peace” about Life in a way that I truly believe comes directly from the Source of all Light and Love.

Sharice, Sammamish

Mira’s devotion to the art of healing and perfecting her intuitive abilities is a breath taking and powerful combination. This devotion served her family, her corporate work, and now her magical ability helping others heal!

Marie Manuchehri, R.N., author of Intuitive Self-Healing