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Baking Feeds My Soul

The kitchen is where I find my peace. Funny because as a child I was required to be in the kitchen when my Mom was in there working. That was my Dad’s rule, she much preferred to have the kitchen to herself. Looking back now I can see that she used the kitchen as a refuge. I felt like I was a forced distraction from that refuge. My mom never had time to talk to me about what she was making or doing, she just gave me tasks until my dad was distracted and then she would send me on my way in which I would happily comply. I really didn’t like cooking, I found it a necessity. It wasn’t until I was out on my own that I started experimenting with recipes, tastes and how I could make my own style with food. Now baking, that was another matter. My Uncle Bob, my Mom’s brother loved to bake. The few times he visited when I was a child either at my house or my Grandpa’s farm he welcomed me into the kitchen. He took the time to show me what he was doing, let me taste things along the process and feel successful when it came out of the oven as if somehow, I baked the beautiful bread or cinnamon rolls all on my own. I treasure those memories and when I find myself baking as I have been this morning since 3am I can feel my Uncle and that passion for putting love into every bite that is going to be shared.

Baking Feeds My Soul

 Today to say that I LOVE cooking, baking, well really all things culinary would be a drastic understatement. I have found that like my mother I have used the kitchen as a refuge over the years. At times this has been perfect, it allows me to work out whatever decisions I maybe mulling over or just gives me the freedom to creatively express myself which is very relaxing. I am however working on allowing others to break the barrier of my kitchen to help me and bring their own statement and creative talents to whatever we may be cooking. My grandkids have shown me this in the biggest way. They are looking at some recipes for the very first time or others are favorites of theirs and they just want to help in the process. I am so happy when I am telling them my little secrets that make certain dishes uniquely mine, a little more cinnamon (always), a little less nutmeg!

My baking this morning took me on a journey through some old recipes (my grandma’s fudge, my sister in law’s shortbread), some of my family classics (Mexican wedding cakes, Snicker Cookies) and a new recipe (lemon fluff cookies) as change is always fun. It also took me through a world of emotions, my Mom in the kitchen Christmas Eve baking, myself over the years preparing for big Christmas events and small ones. One thing remains true for me and that is sharing what I have made is one of the cornerstones of how I show love.  I still have one more cookie to make but I will need my Grandkids assistance tonight with that!  The sugar cookie dough is chilling in the fridge ready to be rolled out, baked, frosted and sprinkled. I can’t wait for the mess, the meltdowns and the munching.

My wish is to just take a moment and enjoy the little things, breath in the joy, receive the help and compliments and be grateful for the opportunity to have the experience.

Peace and Joy!  Mira

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My Butterfly Effect

Metamorphosis is such an interesting process I didn’t even realize that in the spring of 2013 I was spinning a cocoon that would nourish and protect me as I shed my old way of being and embraced who I was becoming by living in the present moment. So many things have happened in my life over the last 3 ½ years that have brought me to today where I am happy to be shedding the last of my cocoon and when I look in the mirror my butterfly wings are amazingly vibrant and ready to fly.

I am excited to be launching my updated website, and very excited for the 2017 Workshop offerings which will give me the opportunity to share and facilitate what I have experienced with you as you explore a deeper connection with yourself and your intentions. Most of all I am so grateful for the love and support the Universe has shown me through friends, family and clients. My journey maybe singular but it is the collective that brings the depth of love that I have learned to receive and rest in.

Peek at the website and let me know what you think!  I look forward to 2017 and I am super excited about the fun we will have sharing the experience.


Cheers to butterfly wings!  Mira

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Living Out Loud

Time is a funny thing, it can move so quickly and yet at other times move so slowly. I can’t believe that it has been 2 years since my last blog post but the internet has a way of stamping a moment in time forever. A lot has happened in the last two years…some things harder and rawer than others, lots of joy and sorrow but through it all it has propelled me forward. The greatest lesson I have learned is to stop editing myself for others and to give myself permission to live my life out loud. To trust my integrity as my compass and to keep stepping forward. So this is me getting my feet wet again. I look forward to sharing myself with you!

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Empowerment Comes in All Shapes and Sizes…

We are all on a journey, special and unique to ourselves. We use many different measuring tools to figure out where we are on that path. We compare ourselves to others known or unknown. We may look at others accomplishments and feel the need to match them in order to feel like we have accomplished something.

What if (and those that know me know I don’t use those two words very often as they are most often used to look at what we don’t have instead of what we do have). So that being said, what if we were able to empower (accomplish) our goal(s) in our own unique way without trying to mirror someone elses? What if we just looked at their accomplishment as “interesting” and allowed it to give us some inspiration instead of a bench mark?

Well, as I have embarked on a path of physical empowerment that is what I am putting into practice. I have surrounded myself with very accomplished physical beings and I am looking to them as a source of inspiration. I am not them, I am me and I am proud of myself for taking it one day at a time and at my pace.

I guess I should explain that a couple of months ago I was invited to run with some friends in the Chicago Marathon in October. Yes, that’s right a Marathon. Nope, never ran a race before. Well, I did run the 5(k) Jingle Bell run in Seattle many moons ago but definitely nothing on this scale. So, I put my name in the lottery and guess what? Yes, my name was picked along with everyone else in the group…so I’m off to Chicago to run a Marathon, LOL. Well, that means I must start training. So, this is the start of week 2 training for me. I successfully completed Week 1 on Cross Training classes and running. The first few days I learned that I have many more muscles in by body than I was ever aware of before. And boy did they make me notice them! This morning after class I feel more aware than I have in a long, long time. It is amazing how strong the mind, body connection is.

I am not doing this to lose weight, become a number on the scale or a dress size. I am doing this to own the power of my body and to embrace how that will create a new sense of balance in my conscious journey exploring happiness.

I will be sharing my experience every week here on my blog as a way to stay vulnerable to the process and myself. Thank you all for always being such fabulous listeners!  Happy Monday!

xxoo, Mira

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Sorry…Not Sorry

My son-in-law used this saying the other day. At first it made me giggle, and then it got me to thinking. Why are we always saying “sorry”? It has become a universal word used when we are uncomfortable with our decision or think that others may be uncomfortable with what we have just said or done.

Why do we feel the need to apologize for being who we are?

I am making a conscious effort to pay attention to when I say “sorry”. I have committed to asking myself, what I am sorry for in that moment. Then taking that and asking myself why do I feel the need to apologize. Is it because I am uncomfortable being myself? Or am I trying to make someone else feel comfortable with what I have just shared?

If it is about me being uncomfortable then I need to ask, what is making me feel that way. Do I not really believe in what I am doing/saying? if not, then I have an opportunity to make a different choice going forward. If I do believe in what I am doing/saying then I need to remember my mantra “it is none of my business what anyone else thinks of me”.

Sometimes it is just about giving yourself permission to just be you with no excuses or apology’s.

How many times do you say “sorry” during the day? What if you just gave yourself permission to start observing when you feel the need to apologize and why? Wouldn’t it be interesting to see if you apologized more for yourself or for others and what that observation made you choose the next time you found yourself in that situation?

Have fun observing! xxoo, Mira

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“The Only Time You Run Out Of Chances Is When You Stop Taking Them.” – Patti LaBelle

Chance, risk, exposure, vulnerability….They all mean the same thing to me.

Being real with myself.
Not worrying about what others may think of me.
Not waiting for someone else to make the move first.
Not letting my choice be predicated on what someone else is doing or not doing.

Every day, hour, minute or moment gives a new opportunity. Just because I haven’t, doesn’t mean I can’t or won’t.

I believe in myself, my courage and most importantly my choice.

Wishing you all an amazing day!

xxoo, Mira

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“There Is Not Enough Darkness In All The World To Put Out The Light Of Even One Small Candle.” – Robert Alden

I absolutely LOVE this quote by Robert Alden!

Sometimes we find ourselves caught up in the darkness of a situation, what is wrong or what we wish would be different. The more attention we give to the negative aspects of our situation the more we hide the light which reflects the positive. We lose sight that we have the ultimate choice of how we feel. No one has the ability to take that away from us unless we give the choice over to them to make.

I am not implying that we should ignore what is happening, just suggesting that we take a step back and observe the situation from outside of the darkness of the emotions and then we have a better chance at realizing that we have the ability to make a choice that will bring us happiness, closure, forgiveness or understanding instead of hurt, defensiveness or anger.

Where does your candle light burn? Can it be brighter?

Most of the time it just takes a moment to change the direction of your thoughts, make them turn to the positive. Take a deep breath and tell yourself something funny about the situation, let yourself giggle. There is nothing like a little giggle to set those dark clouds free and let the light shine through.

I know the I plan on doing a little giggling today!

xo, Mira

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Just Breathe…

Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves to breathe. We get caught up in an emotion, feel trapped by a circumstance or just can’t seem to make a decision. We allow ourselves to flounder around in the “what if’s” of the situation and start playing with the notion that we are powerless because of obligations or perceived expectations. It can happen in a moment and then we find ourselves spiraling out of control and handing our power over to whoever will take it. It can be subtle or deliberate, but it all has the same result. We withdraw, shrug our shoulders and go along with others forgetting that we have the ability to make our own choices.

This is the time to simply breathe, bring yourself back to the moment. Only this moment in time matters. You have the power to make a choice in this moment to change the direction of where you are heading. Every moment is yours to decide, always!

Just breathe…that is what I am doing today!

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Embarrassing Moments…

In my writing class last week we had to share an embarrassing moment from our life, dig deep into the emotions, setting, descriptive elements and then write a short story about it that would hopefully put the reader right in that moment. First of all, getting the courage to choose a story to share with sixteen other people that you have just met and then verbally share the details of that story…..embarrassing in and of itself! Being a shy girl I have worked very hard at creating a safe zone around my public interactions which allow me the move past the fear of what other people may be thinking of me. This excercise took me deep into that young Mira of twelve who wanted to live out loud but was to shy to use her voice.

So I asked that Mira, “what are you afraid of”? No words came, just a deep burning in my abdomen that grew stronger and deeper the longer I sat in that moment. Knowing what I do now about how Energy moves in the Chakra’s and what they tell us through our body I realize that I was so afraid to show how I really wanted to be seen in the world.

Embarrassment is an inward reflection of how we perceive the outside world views us. If I truly embrace what I want to be, how I want to show myself and not keep my inner self hidden from the world then what could I ever do that would be embarrassing? Nothing really. I might speak out of turn, but I have the ability to correct that if I don’t hide. I might act a little silly, be a little or a lot loud, I might stand up and dance in a piano bar while everyone else sits, I might trip and fall (happens a lot to me!). I no longer find these things embarrassing as I realize that I am making a choice to express my true self at that given moment in time.

What greater gift can I give to myself than to be 100% ME at all times? I say there is no greater gift!

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