3112, 2019

#MyInsideMatchesMyOutside – Reflections

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Hi fellow seekers! I have been reflecting on this past year and decade these last few weeks of 2019. I have experienced so many transitions, endings big and small, beginnings, commitments new & renewed, and stepping into unknown territory with family, friends, work but most importantly myself. These experiences have shifted my perceptions, intentions and connections. On this eve of 2020 I am choosing to take one step at a time and not get in front of my goals and intentions. ACTION is the key no matter how big or small. I will not judge the process instead I will embrace the knowledge that comes from risking. I will let my inside match my outside and not be afraid to be seen or heard. I am looking forward to this year and decade ahead. Wishing you all a happy, safe and peaceful start to this New Year! Hugs, Mira  

1209, 2018

Daily Choices…where do I start?

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  As I am working on my upcoming workshop material I am reminded how everything that we do really boils down to choices whether we recognize that we are making them or are just letting them happen to us. When I feel stuck most often it is because I am lacking clarity as to what choices I have in the situation. When I'm living outside of myself it is difficult to see where I have a choice. It most often feels like others are making choices that are forcing me into situations, responsibilities or are working against me. I then find myself being defensive, combative or resigned (can you say martyr?) with what is happening. This frame of being is a choice. I have removed myself from being first person where I can take action on my own behalf and have made a choice to let others take responsibility for the situation(s) at hand. To bring myself back into my body I must first become curious about how I am feeling. Letting myself observe my reactions and feelings without adding judgement of myself or others. This is a lot harder to do than it is in theory. Give it a try. How are you feeling right now? Is there something that you are struggling with? Can you look at the situation as an outsider would just being curious and not judging? Just gathering information to present at a later time to someone else (you)? When I re-frame the information in [...]

3008, 2018

Soul Food…exploring how I nourish myself

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  I received this beautiful bounty of vegetables (Mustard Greens, pepper, onions and carrots. The tomatoes are from my patio garden.) from my In-Laws this week. They came from Robert's garden which he tends to everyday. Esther had washed and cleaned them up so that they were all ready for me to use in any way I wanted. A few months back Esther gave me a Soul Food cookbook of hers with some recipes marked inside for me to try. One of my favorite things that Esther makes on a regular basis  are "greens" and Robert makes the cornbread. I learned early on that greens and corn bread go together. I would say that most often when we pop over for a visit that there are greens and corn bread on the stove which they always offer some to us to have or take with us. So I decided to try one of the recipes for greens and corn bread in the cookbook and see if it measured up to Esther's. Cooking for me has always been a way for me to relax and think through things. I love to cook for others and share what I have made. I get great joy from making people's bellies happy. I was very excited for Robby to try my greens and hopeful that they would give him a "soul food" happy belly. What I learned about myself as I thought about what soul food means to me was very interesting. First to [...]

2308, 2018

Courage is not subjective for me!

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  Living daily Courage is such an interesting state of being. For me Courage is definitely a verb that has taken time to become an acceptable descriptor in my daily life. I have had to live it and accept it as being true even when it has felt very uncomfortable seeing myself as being courageous. Part of this was realizing that I was judging myself and making choices based on what others thought of me or what I believed they thought of me. It took time, patience and acceptance of myself just as I am to be able to shift into seeing the courage in my daily life and change it from being subjective to an active objective verb. I often turn to this definition by google to give myself perspective  - Definition of Subjective: Subjective is the opposite of objective, which refers to things that are more clear-cut. That Earth has one moon is objective — it's a fact. Whether the moon is pretty or not is subjective — not everyone will agree. Facts are objective, but opinions are subjective.   I have read a lot about courage, vulnerability, living your truth and daily consciousness. It is hard and rewarding to incorporate these verbs into my daily life. I am in no way perfect in the practice of these principals, who can be? I believe that life is a process of continuous learning and growing through every choice that I make (or don't make). Let's be clear, not making a choice is still a choice that I have to [...]

908, 2018

Letting my Inside match my Outside

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Life has so many interesting twists and turns, it is rarely a straight line for very long. If I find myself stuck on a straight line I now challenge myself (sometimes reluctantly) to look inside and see what feelings, desires, fears, passions, questions I am not letting come to the surface. I have found that it is only when I let them come fully to the surface that I have the ability to address them head on with curiosity and truth. Funny enough curiosity was the hardest place for me to go at first because I was so used to judging what I was feeling. And most often this judgement was based on what I thought others would think of me, want from me or would make me appear as uncomplicated as possible. Believe me I have come to understand and embrace that I am a complicated individual. It is in those complications that I find the deeper connections to those around me and to just purely enjoying my daily life. I started this inner journey in a more conscious way about nine years ago with my tribe in the picture below. I would never have guessed that I would be writing this in Hawaii, on my honeymoon nine years later. This tribe that has and continues to love, support, challenge, push, shove, hug, laugh, cry and most importantly always accepts me exactly where I am. I am truly beyond grateful for always having a soft landing with them [...]

308, 2017

Can we really give & receive at the same time?

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One of my very favorite mantra's that I use to guide my choices is a quote from Maya Angelou   "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."   In last nights Workshop #6 in the Making A Deeper Connection series we dove into the Heart Chakra. This Chakra which is located in the chest is our "action" center, which means where we give and receive. If you think about what main organs reside in our chest(the heart and lungs), we acknowledge that without these two major organs functioning we would not be able to sustain life in our bodies. Similarly if we give without receiving, or receive without giving we are not able to sustain a balanced emotional body. In simplest terms take time to really acknowledge someone's thank you when you do something for them. That acknowledgement is the balancing receiving gift to the one you freely gave. Maybe it's just a smile...but notice how in that simple recognition how you absorb the warmth of the interaction and how it makes you feel at a deeper level within your body. Let yourself feel your act of giving not from outside of yourself but from the inside which gives your emotional self the validation that you are living as your authentic self. Giving without receiving means that you are missing half of the experience, just as receiving without giving is only half [...]

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