Living daily Courage is such an interesting state of being. For me Courage is definitely a verb that has taken time to become an acceptable descriptor in my daily life. I have had to live it and accept it as being true even when it has felt very uncomfortable seeing myself as being courageous. Part of this was realizing that I was judging myself and making choices based on what others thought of me or what I believed they thought of me. It took time, patience and acceptance of myself just as I am to be able to shift into seeing the courage in my daily life and change it from being subjective to an active objective verb.

I often turn to this definition by google to give myself perspective  –

Definition of Subjective:

Subjective is the opposite of objective, which refers to things that are more clear-cut. That Earth has one moon is objective — it’s a fact. Whether the moon is pretty or not is subjective — not everyone will agree. Facts are objective, but opinions are subjective.


I have read a lot about courage, vulnerability, living your truth and daily consciousness. It is hard and rewarding to incorporate these verbs into my daily life. I am in no way perfect in the practice of these principals, who can be? I believe that life is a process of continuous learning and growing through every choice that I make (or don’t make). Let’s be clear, not making a choice is still a choice that I have to own. When I look at my choices as verbs  then I am in continuous motion. It helps me alleviate feeling stuck because I know that choices are continual, if the first choice doesn’t work then I have another choice to make. I also don’t believe that we are practicing at life but living it in every moment. When I am living I own all of my choices. Practicing my life tells me that I am dipping my toe in the water to gauge the choice. How can I fully experience my choice if I don’t jump in the deep end and see where it leads?

My daily mantra as I look in the mirror is ” I will be courageous in every choice I make today to let my inside match my outside”…Sometimes that is easier said than done but thankfully I get to choose that for myself.

Until next time!  Hugs, Mira

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