In my writing class last week we had to share an embarrassing moment from our life, dig deep into the emotions, setting, descriptive elements and then write a short story about it that would hopefully put the reader right in that moment. First of all, getting the courage to choose a story to share with sixteen other people that you have just met and then verbally share the details of that story…..embarrassing in and of itself! Being a shy girl I have worked very hard at creating a safe zone around my public interactions which allow me the move past the fear of what other people may be thinking of me. This excercise took me deep into that young Mira of twelve who wanted to live out loud but was to shy to use her voice.

So I asked that Mira, “what are you afraid of”? No words came, just a deep burning in my abdomen that grew stronger and deeper the longer I sat in that moment. Knowing what I do now about how Energy moves in the Chakra’s and what they tell us through our body I realize that I was so afraid to show how I really wanted to be seen in the world.

Embarrassment is an inward reflection of how we perceive the outside world views us. If I truly embrace what I want to be, how I want to show myself and not keep my inner self hidden from the world then what could I ever do that would be embarrassing? Nothing really. I might speak out of turn, but I have the ability to correct that if I don’t hide. I might act a little silly, be a little or a lot loud, I might stand up and dance in a piano bar while everyone else sits, I might trip and fall (happens a lot to me!). I no longer find these things embarrassing as I realize that I am making a choice to express my true self at that given moment in time.

What greater gift can I give to myself than to be 100% ME at all times? I say there is no greater gift!