I love this quote! As I am working on what my choices are to manifest in 2017 I took a little trip down memory lane through 2016. In retrospect it is easy to see where and why I was blocked in certain instances. When I find myself in the middle of an emotional storm I have to remind myself to take a step back and observe what is happening as if it were a movie. This allows me the space to see things through a different perspective and usually leads me to making a different choice. Sometimes I am stubborn and it takes a few tries before I get there but there is always something to learn along the way and I am better off for the experience. Change is not for the faint of heart, I have learned to embrace the bravery it takes to risk but the joy and peace you find when you learn to trust yourself far out ways any discomfort I felt at the beginning of the experience.

I’m excited to be teaching a workshop series on Manifesting that starts at the end of January. Brave souls willing to explore looking at “resolutions” and “goals” in a whole new way and hopefully will find that this new tool called “Manifest” is more empowered than any other “success” tool they have experienced so far.

What are you wanting to Manifest in 2017? Interesting thought to ponder on a cold winter weekend!


Hugs, Mira