As I look back at 2016 I am struck by the many things that have changed in my life. Some good, some very good and others very difficult with many, many experiences in between.

I am grateful that I have learned to trust myself in a deeper way based through my eyes, not based on what I think others may expect from me. I have realized that I cannot live by anyone else’s expectations or ones that I have unrealistically set for myself. Reality is in the moment, as life happens and to be treasured for being my real life.

As 2016 ends and the door to 2017 is cracking open I have faith in myself to trust myself first, to live out loud with no apologies and to embrace life to its fullest.

I wish you all a loving grateful close to 2016 and an inspiring start of endless possibilities as we move into 2017.


Hugs, Mira