Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves to breathe. We get caught up in an emotion, feel trapped by a circumstance or just can’t seem to make a decision. We allow ourselves to flounder around in the “what if’s” of the situation and start playing with the notion that we are powerless because of obligations or perceived expectations. It can happen in a moment and then we find ourselves spiraling out of control and handing our power over to whoever will take it. It can be subtle or deliberate, but it all has the same result. We withdraw, shrug our shoulders and go along with others forgetting that we have the ability to make our own choices.

This is the time to simply breathe, bring yourself back to the moment. Only this moment in time matters. You have the power to make a choice in this moment to change the direction of where you are heading. Every moment is yours to decide, always!

Just breathe…that is what I am doing today!