Today as I embrace the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse I am ready to let go of:

*Editing for my audience (even if it is just me) before I speak.

*Holding onto what others may think of me or my choices, for only I know the strength and courage it took to make the choice and live it.

*Any and all expectations to be perfect, I am who I am in this moment and I am proud to be me.


Wow…that makes me take a deep breath and shake with a little fear, but I am all in!  This is my life and I am the only one that can live it.


What are you letting go of today as the Full Moon promises to pull it away into the Universe to be recycled into beautiful new stars?

What Thunder are you going to let roar?

Have an amazing experience letting go and embracing the room it makes for something new, I know I will!


Hugs, Mira