Upcoming 2019 Workshops

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Making the Deeper Connection

An immersion into your Energy System and how it connects your Mind, Body & Soul Purpose.

  • Are you craving a deeper connection and understanding of your emotions and body?
  • Do you wonder how to maximize your “gut” instincts and trust them?
  • Are you tired of requiring validation from others to move forward?
  • Are you uncomfortable in your skin and craving the ability to feel safe and grounded?

This 9 month workshop series is a commitment to learn the deeper aspects of your energy by working to recognize the power in the connection between your mind, body and ultimate soul purpose. You will learn how your body reflects how your mind perceives and how to make minor or major shifts to achieve balance and joy in every moment even the most difficult ones.

Mirror, Mirror – Who Am I Really?

Mirror work is a daily practice that enables you to reach deeper, connect stronger to your core beliefs. If you are having difficulty finding your voice, reaching decisions, using negative self-talk or imagery to guide your feelings then this class is for you.

Living Out Loud

Manifesting 101 – taking the fear out of truly living your passion.

This intro class is a preview to the Living Out Loud Series that I will be teaching in early 2019. We will be focusing on uncovering who we are on the inside and then how to manifest that in all areas of our life on a daily basis. We don’t just manifest the big things in life, we build on the little things so that manifesting becomes second nature. This allows those “big” passions to become a reality with ease. If you are looking to create change, are having difficulty transitioning, or just curious about how manifesting can be part of your life this class is for you!

Recommended Readings

Three Simple Steps
-Trevor Blake

The three “simple” steps that are laid out in this book seem simple on the surface but as you put them into practice you realize just how deep they go into forming your choices about abundance, joy and success. I read this book at a pivitol point in my life and it helped me shape how I move in my life today. Give it a try and you will be amazed!

I used to think that if I could just be perfect then everything would fall into place. When I started letting go of the “perfect” everything and started to believe that I was already perfect just as I am in this very moment I finally found the freedom to explore life in a very different way. I love Brene Brown’s practical advice of looking deeper at ourselves with compassion and vulnerability.

Martha has a way of getting to the center of an issue quickly and allowing you to take the time to really feel your emotions, acknowledge them with compassion and honesty and then forge a clear path to making the choices you want instead of what you feel you (or others) need. Give yourself permission to take your time with this book. Don’t try to devour it, sip it and let it rest in your body.

The Untethered Soul
-Michael A. Singer

This book truly took me deep on the inner journey of self discovery and the relationship between my thoughts and emotions and how that was translating into my everyday life.

Be prepared to look deeply into your soul and embrace the changes that will unfold as you dare to read this book.

Loving What Is
-Byron Katie

Byron Katie uses four questions to ask yourself in every situation. If you answer these questions honestly for yourself without worrying what others may think of you, you will be amazed at the personal power it will bring and the changes that will occur.

A definite MUST read…