My son-in-law used this saying the other day. At first it made me giggle, and then it got me to thinking. Why are we always saying “sorry”? It has become a universal word used when we are uncomfortable with our decision or think that others may be uncomfortable with what we have just said or done.

Why do we feel the need to apologize for being who we are?

I am making a conscious effort to pay attention to when I say “sorry”. I have committed to asking myself, what I am sorry for in that moment. Then taking that and asking myself why do I feel the need to apologize. Is it because I am uncomfortable being myself? Or am I trying to make someone else feel comfortable with what I have just shared?

If it is about me being uncomfortable then I need to ask, what is making me feel that way. Do I not really believe in what I am doing/saying? if not, then I have an opportunity to make a different choice going forward. If I do believe in what I am doing/saying then I need to remember my mantra “it is none of my business what anyone else thinks of me”.

Sometimes it is just about giving yourself permission to just be you with no excuses or apology’s.

How many times do you say “sorry” during the day? What if you just gave yourself permission to start observing when you feel the need to apologize and why? Wouldn’t it be interesting to see if you apologized more for yourself or for others and what that observation made you choose the next time you found yourself in that situation?

Have fun observing! xxoo, Mira