I received this beautiful bounty of vegetables (Mustard Greens, pepper, onions and carrots. The tomatoes are from my patio garden.) from my In-Laws this week. They came from Robert’s garden which he tends to everyday. Esther had washed and cleaned them up so that they were all ready for me to use in any way I wanted. A few months back Esther gave me a Soul Food cookbook of hers with some recipes marked inside for me to try. One of my favorite things that Esther makes on a regular basis  are “greens” and Robert makes the cornbread. I learned early on that greens and corn bread go together. I would say that most often when we pop over for a visit that there are greens and corn bread on the stove which they always offer some to us to have or take with us. So I decided to try one of the recipes for greens and corn bread in the cookbook and see if it measured up to Esther’s.

Cooking for me has always been a way for me to relax and think through things. I love to cook for others and share what I have made. I get great joy from making people’s bellies happy. I was very excited for Robby to try my greens and hopeful that they would give him a “soul food” happy belly. What I learned about myself as I thought about what soul food means to me was very interesting. First to receive such a beautiful bounty of food was heart warming. It made me feel loved (Robert was thoughtful enough to share a part of his harvest), nurtured (Esther took the time to wash and clean the vegetables) and understood (they both know how I love to cook). What an amazing gift to receive….I had to take a few minutes to really let that settle into my body. I was loved, nurtured and understood by what some may think as a simple gesture but to me it was so much more.

As the greens simmered and the cornbread baked it filled the house with the most amazingly delicious smells of happiness. I was working in my kitchen which Robby always refers to as my “nesting” and I couldn’t be happier. I realized that I was giving and receiving at the same time. Making food to share with my husband (and one of my lucky clients got a “take home” sample) with the bounty we received from his parent’s. It was not lost on me that such simple acts became such beautiful expressions when I took the time to acknowledge how I was feeling.

Living consciously is more about the little things than the big things. Everyone can see the big things that happen or don’t, but do you take time to acknowledge all the little things? I know that I will work at being more aware of the little things because what an amazing feeling being love, nurtured and understood can bring to your day!


And I must say it turned out to be a bowl of Robby approved Soul Food!


Until next time!  Hugs, Mira